10th July is #ScottysDay!

#Scotty’s Day

We’ve had such a busy few months over here at Scotty’s HQ – everyone has been rushed off their feet, which of course is exactly how we like it?.  Hopefully you’ll have seen just a little of what we’ve been up to on my video blog.

I am so glad it is busy though as this time of year is always tough for me. In June we have Lee’s Birthday, Father’s Day and then it’s Lee’s anniversary at the start of July; plus of course the kids have sports days, assemblies and lots of summer activities going on at school –  I know Lee would have loved to have been there watching them so I always seem to get a tad emotional around June and July! Can’t be superwoman all the time so I am told!

Of course Lee’s anniversary also brings with it #Scotty’s Day and this year we’ve had a fantastic response which means the absolute world to me.  The day (10th July) is by far the hardest day of the year for me, as it marks the day Lee was taken away.  No matter how hard I try to keep myself busy, it always hits me hard and I don’t think that will ever change.  I guess it is because on other anniversaries like, birthdays, Christmas’ and our wedding anniversary I can remember those days and I can smile because I remember the happy times those special days brought –  but the anniversary of Lee’s death just brings back dark memories and pure heartache, it was the most painful time of my life!  I think that is why #Scotty’s Day means so much to me.  If I see the country getting behind the charity on this day I hope it will bring me and the kids some comfort and will help us by knowing everyone is remembering Lee.  A special tribute to him I guess.

On the day, I always make sure I take the kiddies away and just spend some quality time with them doing something fun, I think this year we might take a trip to Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Park whilst wearing our Scotty Tattoos with pride of course!  There’s nothing more amazing than seeing them smiling and laughing on that dreaded day– it is actually the one day of the year I turn my phone off and don’t check my emails every few minutes, I just spend time with the kids and enjoy them.

I remember last time, we went to Legoland and when I turned my phone on the next morning the Scotty’s Facebook page and twitter account was filled with pictures of people of all ages wearing their tattoos and sharing them with their friends and family, it filled me with pride and I will admit I cried! But happy tears! Lee would have been so chuffed with the support.  I am hoping this year more people will get behind #Scotty’s Day and the response will be even better. 😉  I know how important the day is and my fingers are crossed that we can raise as much awareness of the work we do as possible. I see every day how badly these brave children need the support that Scotty’s provides and I also know that there are still so many children still out there that are yet to hear about the charity and the support they could be receiving.  Through #Scotty’s Day I am hoping we reach more families.

This year, just like before, we’re getting everyone to share photos of themselves wearing their temporary Scotty tattoos on their social media sites.  If you are quick you can still order your tattoo for FREE through the website.  This year you can choose from a Navy Scotty, an RAF Scotty and an Army Scotty.  Even Steve Macdonald from Coronation Street (Simon Gregson) is joining in and we can’t wait to see his selfie!  I wonder what Scotty he will be wearing?!

We’ve also created a Thunderclap page – it sounds quite scary but it’s actually a really easy to do, even I did it 😉  All you have to do is press the link and then enter some basic details using your Twitter or Facebook account and then on #Scotty’s Day a message will go out saying that you’re supporting us. The aim is to get as many messages out across the UK as possible, so we can spread the word and help even more kids.


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