As many of you know October was a big month for the charity, because of the official Charity ball and then of course ROCKSOLID RACE! – an intensive muddy obstacle race in which contestants run, jump, climb and crawl to the finish line. We put out a call for those who like a challenge to form a Scotty’s team to take part in the Milton Keynes event and you couldn’t have done us more proud as we managed to field a team of 11 children and 97 adults taking on this great, and slightly crazy, challenge. The event pushed us to our limits but it was an amazing day which saw us raise an incredible £25,000 for the charity which is beyond fantastic.

What struck me most when starting out on the course was the instant team spirit from the Scotty’s Little Soldiers team and the sea of people in our colours – black and yellow – hurdling every obstacle. We certainly stood out amongst other competitors there on the day. It was great to see people of all fitness levels giving it a go – I’ll be the first to admit that a busy schedule (and being slightly lazy) meant that I did not train for the course and I know there were others like me. Still, everyone gave it their all and there were some seriously challenging obstacles to overcome.

The hardest thing I faced was a part of the course where you had to jump off a platform into the lake! I’d handled most things OK up until then (with a little help from friends) but on the platform I just broke down and then the tears came, I was totally petrified. I felt like I just couldn’t bring myself to jump. Heights? No problem. Water? No thank you! After some stalling and feeling like I was going to vomit what drove me on was the thought of the children who’d been through so much worse. I thought of Lee and when I lost him and said to myself; “Nikki, this is nothing compared to the pain the children have experienced in their little lives, do it!”. And with that I’m pleased to say I jumped!  Totally panicked in the water and was in shock because I actually did it but I had a real sense of accomplishment. It was the hardest part of the course for me, no doubt. Thankfully, Joe was there each step of the way to catch me or push me and help me along.

Throughout the course the Scotty’s team had split into little groups who were all helping each other along which was great to see. Again, brilliant to see the team spirit at work and Brooke and Kai enjoyed their experience of the day too. They took part in the Rock Solid STARS race with 9 other Scotty Members.  Brooke totally loved it but Kai found it very challenging. He was so brave and I was so proud of him and Stewarts (who works at Scotty HQ and looks after all our event equipment and merchandise) son James helped him along the way and tackled things together. I told Kai I am going to print a big picture of him because he was showed so much courage.

The event itself was fantastically run and very child friendly. I’m extremely proud of what we achieved on the day and want to take this opportunity to again say a massive thank you to those who were part of our fabulous team of over 100 people taking part – and the 11 fantastic little soldiers– they really showed us all how it’s done. I’m so proud of them. A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored us as well – raising £25,000 is phenomenal and will enable us to do so many fantastic things for children and families needing our support. The day we took on ROCKSOLID Race -and won-  is certainly a day that we’ll remember at Scotty’s for a long time.

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We already have our 2017 ROCKSOLID Race places available so if you are keen to find out more and maybe have a go, you can read more here.

Nikki Scott is the Founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, the charity for bereaved British Armed Forces children & young people.

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