Our 2016 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Our 2016 Annual Report has been published on the Charity Commission website. Like all registered charities in the UK we have to present our financial records to the Commission and the public to ensure transparency.

Some charities like to do this quietly but here at Scotty’s we believe in being as open as possible with our supporters so we’re making it nice and easy for you to find our report – by posting it on Facebook!

You’ll notice in the report we mention our fundraising ratio – this is a method many charities use to measure how efficient they are using your donations and fundraising. Many large charities will have fundraising ratios of around 25% or more. Our 2016 ratio was just 13%. That means it costs us 13p to raise every £1, which in turn means that 87p gets spent on charitable activity. We think that’s pretty good.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is driven purely by the needs of the families it supports. There are no unnecessary costs, just what we need to do the job. We start by identify the need or in other words what is the support our bereaved Forces children need? Then we develop programmes and activities to help meet these needs and then finally we work out how to fund them. We think this is the right way to run a charity and it will always be the way Scotty’s works.

It means we need your help more than ever though. We work to a 6-9 month reserve policy which means we have cash reserves to run the charity for approx 6-9 months before these reserves would run out. This means we aren’t stockpiling cash and the money we raise is going where it’s most needed.

It also means we can’t continue to provide ongoing support to our beneficiaries without the great help of the British public. We have so many more gaps in the support available to bereaved Forces families to fill (you can read about some in the report) so the work is only just beginning.

We’d love you to join us on our mission by getting involved in any way you can. Be it fundraising, setting up a regular donation via our website or volunteering.

Together we can #HelpTheirChildrenSmile



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