Top 5 Fundraising Tips

Top 5 Fundraising Tips

Struggling to reach your fundraising target? Here are our top 5 Fundraising Tips…

We know its tough trying to fundraise.  You’ve picked your challenge, you’ve selected your charity and you’re super motivated to get cracking.  For many though the fundraising element of a charity challenge can add extra pressure on top of training for what is quite likely to be a serious personal challenge in the first place.  With friends, family and colleagues constantly asking for sponsorship for some many good causes we’ve all become a little ‘fundraising fatigued’.

Here are a few ways you can kick start your fundraising efforts compiled from the most successful of our amazing supporters.

  1. Share, share, share – but, it’s nothing enough to simply copy and paste your JustGiving page link and post it on Facebook.  Your friends need to know how committed you are to the cause and why it’s so important to you.  Be sure to include a little back story so everyone knows why you’re taking on this challenge.  Try and include a little information about the cause and why it’s so important that everyone gets behind.  Tell your friends a little more about the challenge – what’s involved? why is going to be such a huge challenge for you?  It might be your first time taking on something like this or perhaps this significantly eclipses anything similar you’ve done in the past?  You’ll also need to keep sharing, don’t just do it once.  Keep reminding your friends (it helps to directly tag them too if you don’t think they’ll mind!) and give them updates on your progress or training so they can see you are fully committed.
  2. Set up a mini challenge – we’ve seen this work particularly well for those taking on a cycling challenge.  Why not try and organise a static bike challenge in your local supermarket, somewhere where there will be plenty of people passing by.  Set yourself a mini challenge for the day and ask for donations or sponsorship.  Make sure you tell everyone what your main challenge is and who you are fundraising for – we can even help supply some collection buckets if you need them.  
  3. Provide something in return – another top tip is that many potential sponsors are more likely to pay up if there’s something offered in return.  A great example of this is the office cake sale!  Bake some cakes or perhaps ask a local store to provide some and offer them to colleagues at work for a small donation to your fundraising efforts.  It’s worth publicising your cake sale beforehand to give workmates the heads up to bring some change in with them.
  4. Sweepstakes and competitions – you could also run a competition or sweepstake of some kind.  It could be to guess the mileage you’ll complete on your challenge or something similar.  Pick an entry fee and the closest guess wins a prize!
  5. Gift Aid it – often over looked but Gift Aid can add up to a substantial amount and will count towards your total fundraising effort.  Make sure any tax paying individual confirms they are happy for your to claim the Gift Aid back on their donation.  If you’re fundraising online this is usually done for you but for those giving you cash you’ll need to get them to sign a Gift Aid declaration.  You can find our printable sponsor forms complete with GD declaration here.

So those are our top five fundraising tips but remember we’re here to help so if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Make sure you tag us in any social media posts and we’ll do our best to like or retweet them.  We receive many requests to share fundraising posts on our Facebook page but to be honest the way the Facebook algorithms are designed this route doesn’t usually work for most fundraisers – you’re better targeting your own network first.

Good luck everyone!

If you’d like to find out more about fundraising for Scotty’s Little Soldiers please click here.


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