Royal Tank Regiment Keeping Corporal Lee Scott’s Memory Alive

Royal Tank Regiment Keeping Corporal Lee Scott’s Memory Alive

Corporal Lee Scott was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. The charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers was set up in his honour in 2010 and now his former regiment has arranged an annual fundraising event to keep his memory alive and to ensure families like his remain connected to the military.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a charity that supports bereaved British Forces children and was sent up by Nikki Scott in 2010 in honour of her husband, Corporal Lee Scott, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009.  Lee left behind two young children – Kai was 5 and Brooke was just 7 months old.

WO1 RSM Harley Upham and WO2 Paul Stafford served with Lee in the Royal Tank Regiment and have organised a fundraising event in his honour and to keep his memory alive.

The Scorpion Race, named after one of the Royal Tank Regiment’s squadrons, took place earlier this month and consisted of a fun run with obstacles over a 6km route on Salisbury Plane. It was open to all units within Tidworth and Perham Down and all money raised went to Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

“It’s been ten years since Lee went and lots of people that knew him have moved on,” said Harley Upham who served with Corporal Lee Scott in Kosovo and on other operations around the world. “It’s all about legacy for us and making sure that his memory continues on after we have left the regiment.”

Harley continued: “I want to ensure the regiment remains connected to Lee’s family and others like them.  We wanted to organise this event now so that it can continue for years to come.  We want the next generation of soldiers to continue Lee’s legacy.”

The Scorpion obstacle course was completed by around 250 service personnel and has raised over £600 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

Talking about his memories of Lee, Harley said fondly, “Lee was a character and always wanted to have a laugh. He was great company to be around. He was also a family man and I know he’d be really proud of Nikki and the charity she has set up. He’d also be extremely proud of his children and how they have coped.”

Paul Stafford added: “I had the honour of serving with Lee when he was unfortunately killed in action. He was a good friend of mine. Like Harley, I’m passionate about Scotty’s Little Soldiers, and keeping Lee’s memory alive is very important to me and the regiment.”

Speaking about the event, which was a real team effort and involved everyone from the youngest trooper in the regiment to the most senior sergeant, Stafford added with a smile, “I know Lee would have hated every minute of this assault course, he hated PT so it’s quite ironic we picked this!”

Scotty’s Little Soldiers currently supports 396 bereaved British Forces children in the UK. Scotty’s does lots of things to support the children including sending them on holidays, posting them birthday and Christmas presents and remembering the anniversary of their parent’s death.  The charity also provides personal development assistance for the children through educational grants and access to professional bereavement counselling, as well as arranging events where bereaved forces children from all over the country come together to have a great time and form friendships with kids in the same situation.

Harley, who is a father of three, said: “For all of us that have got families it’s a huge relief for us to know there’s a charity like Scotty’s Little Soldiers in place.”

Nikki Scott, Lee’s wife and founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, said: “I’m so touched that Harley, Stafford and the rest of the Royal Tank Regiment have organised this fantastic event in Lee’s memory.  I know Lee would be honoured and it’s comforting for me to know his memory is being kept alive within his regiment. We are so grateful for the money that has been raised for Scotty’s Little Soldiers.  Every penny makes a huge difference and enables us to give kids who have lost a parent in the British Armed Forces the support they need.”

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