April ’20 Hero of the month

Hero of the month… Sgt Peter Amy 1962 – 2018

Once a year in November the whole world comes together to remember our fallen heroes, however, at Scotty’s Little Soldiers we know that for families who have lost someone who served in the Armed Forces, Remembrance Day is every day.

Every one of our members has lost a parent who served in the British Armed Forces, and we believe their lives and sacrifice should always be remembered. In our hero of the month posts we celebrate the lives of our members’ fallen heroes every month of the year. 

This month we honour Sergeant Peter Amy who died in a climbing accident in 2018.

Sgt Peter Amy (56) was a serving Army Staff Nurse in the 335 Medical Evacuation regiment based in York. He trained as a nurse before joining the Army in 2002. Peter did two tours in Afghanistan where he was based at camp Bastion as an A & E/ theatre nurse. He was an excellent climber but tragically died in a fall while climbing Avon Gorge in Bristol. He was climbing the difficult ‘corpse’ route when he slipped and fell down the rock face and hit his head on a rock that was sticking out. Peter left behind his partner Sharon and two children – Caitlin who was just four at the time and Daisy who was 28.

Peter died on 2nd February 2018, a day which started normally for Sharon. Peter had gone climbing and she had taken Caitlin swimming, then gone for lunch with a friend. They were later at home waiting for Peter to get back and she remembers an unusual knock at the door at ten to five in the afternoon. When she looked out and saw two police officers standing there, Sharon instantly knew something was wrong. They came into the house asking questions about Peter and she recalls asking where he was a few times before they told her he had died in a climbing accident. At first Sharon was in shock and didn’t believe them. She asked to see him over and over again. Caitlin was with her mum when she got the news, but it took a while for her to understand what that would mean. Sharon then had to tell the rest of Peter’s family including his mum and oldest daughter, Daisy. Daisy was devastated by the news that she would never see her father again.

Sharon fondly remembers Peter was always busy tinkering with things or with his head in a book. He loved adventure and went skiing many times with the Army. He loved taking Caitlin to the climbing wall and Sharon would joke that they had more climbing gear than the shop. He was fiercely intelligent and had an amazing bank of knowledge, even teaching himself to make a barrel and writing a book about it – Peter’s mum still has one of his barrels for a coffee table in her living room.

Peter was a kind-hearted soul who put everyone before himself and the most important thing to him was his family – his two girls in particular. Some of Sharon’s fondest memories of Peter are of him spending time with Caitlin. Whether that was taking her to the park and building fortresses to eat their picnics in or playing at home with her – Sharon remembers arriving back from work to find the house – and cat – covered in glitter!

It is important to Sharon that Caitlin remembers her dad, and she helps her to do this by talking about him often and looking at photos together. She tells Caitlin stories, like how, when she was born, Peter was hanging out of the labour room window trying to get a signal. Peter was an amazing dad and spent every possible minute with his children. Caitlin still misses him deeply and often tells Sharon that she is her second favourite – guess who is her first?

Peter met Sharon in 2006 when she moved from Guildford to Salisbury. She was moving into hospital accommodation ready to start her new job. When Sharon arrived at the door, Peter opened it for her. During their first conversation Peter asked Sharon what she did and when she told him she was an ODP working in theatres, he was thrilled as he was an anaesthetic nurse. However, Sharon was not impressed by this as she had moved from a hospital that didn’t see the point in them. On their first date Sharon was shocked by Peter’s appalling parking skills and she later found out he had only just passed his driving test!

Sharon said: “The thing I miss most about Peter is his amazing presence and wicked sense of humour. Not everyone got him, but his lip would pull up a little at the corner when he was being funny. He had so many friends and is missed by them all. They have so many funny stories about Peter. He had a wonderful ability to make us feel safe and loved and had a genuinely beautiful smile.”

Caitlin joined Scotty’s Little Soldiers in 2018 and being a member and having continued support means a lot to her and her family. Last year the family went on a Scotty break to Rockley Park in Poole and had a wonderful time exploring the beaches and playing. Caitlin loved being in the pool and it was a wonderful break away from their everyday lives. 

Caitlin has received a Scotty’s grant to help pay for her swimming lessons and recently achieved her 100m badge. She loves being part of the Scotty’s community and in particular going to the Christmas parties and making friends with other Scotty’s kids who also know what it is like to grow up without one of their parents. Both Sharon and Caitlin had an amazing time at the Christmas party in 2019 and said it was a fantastic surprise to see a special video message from Prince Harry.

Sharon said: “It has been amazing to have support from Scotty’s. It is so reassuring to have someone there at the end of the phone when we need it the most.”

Tribute Page: sgtpeter-amy.muchloved.com

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