Families of the Fallen

Following the decision by the Trustees of Families of the Fallen to close down the charity during 2015, Scotty’s Little Soldiers were the grateful recipient of a large donation made by FOTF. 

 These funds have allowed Scotty’s to continue to support bereaved British Armed Forces families and have contributed to the development of this website.

FOTF Chairman, Martyn Lewis CBE, said “We are proud of what our grants have achieved over the last four years, and would like to thank all those who generously donated to our cause. In closing down we are allocating our remaining funds to Scotty’s Little Soldiers, which does similar work with the added bonus of running holiday homes for the families of lost soldiers.” 

Scotty’s Little Soldiers would like to thank the Trustees of Families of the Fallen for their amazing work to date and for placing their trust in Scotty’s to continue where they left off. 

Full statement from Families of the Fallen…

Families of the Fallen would like to inform you that our Board of Trustees have unanimously decided that our purpose is best served by folding our assets into a charity called “Scotty’s Little Soldiers”, which has similar aims to ours, and specialises in helping the children of British soldiers killed in action. Accordingly, we will not be receiving any further requests for grants.

The reason is very simple. The last few months have seen a noticeable fall-off in requests to us (and, I gather, to military charities in general) for help. This appears to have been caused partly by the end of formal military operations in Afghanistan (and thus the number of soldiers killed in action there), and partly by the £10 million which the Chancellor, George Osborne, allocated specifically from the Libor fines on the banks for the benefit of regiments that have served in Afghanistan.

Rather than a merger, with all its associated legal and other costs, the Trustees have chosen the alternative recognised course of closing down Families of the Fallen, and donating our remaining funds of approximately £48,000 to Scotty’s Little Soldiers. They will be redesigning their website in due course to incorporate the name Families of the Fallen.

FOTF has been privileged to be a substantial catalyst in addressing the myriad of problems faced by families and partners over the last five years. As many regiments will know, these included debt clearance, rent to prevent eviction, wakes and other additional funeral costs, holidays, flights, weekend get-togethers for bereaved teenagers, a memorial bench, driving lessons, a house extension for a handicapped child, garden play equipment, house renovations and furnishings, special needs school books and uniforms, visits to a son’s grave, a special needs bed for a sick parent, hospital parking and petrol for a widow while her son has keyhole surgery, grief and trauma counselling, and helping bereaved families attend a special meeting with the Queen or Prince Charles.

We are pleased to have been of help in achieving all this, and would commend to you the great ongoing work by Scotty’s Little Soldiers ( www.scottyslittlesoldiers.co.uk ).

I know that the decision by our Trustees reflects good practice within the voluntary sector, and the Charity Commission has indicated it sees our actions as a good case study to encourage other charities also faced with changing circumstances.

All our Trustees feel it has been a privilege and an honour to make a real difference to families whose fathers, brothers, sons and partners have given their lives for our country.

With all good wishes,

Martyn Lewis CBE,


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