Case Studies

“It’s like a comfort blanket around the children, with a group of people who have always got their back.”

Mum of Scotty members Molly, Emily, and Isabelle tells her story.

For mother of three, Sarah Ross, 1st July 2018 is one day she will never forget. The father of her three children, Sergeant Antony Reynolds, sadly took his own life. Their daughters, Molly, Emily, and Isabelle were just 14, seven and five years old at the time.

“Scotty’s Little Soldiers is more than just a group, it’s like a family”

Ten-year-old Scotty member, Austen Hargreaves, explains why Scotty’s is so important and how the charity has helped him, and his brother, create new happy memories after losing their dad

Ten-year-old, Austen Hargreaves, will never again get the opportunity to give his dad a hug, he’ll never get to kiss him goodnight or share good news. Austen and his brother Cooper, who is just six years old, lost their dad, Sergeant Chris Hargreaves, on 19th February 2017, they were …

“My son just knew something had happened without me saying a word”

Mum of Scotty members, Aidan and Ben O'Donnell, tells her story.

On 10th September 2008, Toni O’Donnell, and her two children, Aidan (20) and Ben (12), lost their hero, Warrant Officer Class 2 Gary O'Donnell. A loving father and husband, WO2 O’Donnell was on tour in Afghanistan when he was killed. His children were just eight years and nine weeks old at the time.

"The angels came and took daddy away and he’s now a star in the sky"

Mum of Scotty members, Bella and Evie Lockwood, tells her story.

Mother of two, Laura Lockwood, lost her husband Staff Sergeant Michael Lockwood of the Royal Horse Artillery, in May 2014 to a brain tumour. Michael passed away at the age of 36-years-old after spending 16 years in the Army. He left behind two children – Bella (10) and Evie (9) – who were four and two-years-old at the time.

Here, Laura shares her story and explains how she told her daughters of …

"I had to explain to a three-year-old that daddy had died, it was the most difficult conversation I have ever had!"

Mum of Scotty member, George Hendrie, tells her story.

Mother of one, Emma Hendrie, lost her husband, RAF Flight Lieutenant Thomas Hendrie, on 20th July 2018. Tom passed away following a two-year battle with a very rare appendix cancer – Mucinous adenocarcinomas. He left behind his young son, George (6) who was just three at the time.

Here, Emma shares her story and explains how she told her son of the loss of his dad and how bereaved Armed Forces children’s …

“You go from being married and having a family then suddenly they are gone”

Mum of Scotty member, Jessica Lawrence, tells her story.

On 27th July 2009, 12-year-old Jessica Lawrence, lost her dad, Trooper Phillip Lawrence, after his convoy was hit struck by an IED while on tour in Afghanistan. She was eight months old at the time.

For Amy and Jess, the last 11 years have been incredibly hard learning to live without their hero. For Jess in particular, who is now 12 years old, growing up without any memories of her dad has caused an …

“I told my children that daddy was now the brightest star in the sky”

Mum of Scotty members, Ethan and Libby Cornish, tells her story.

For Army Widow, Abby Cornish and her two children, Ethan (18) and Libby (15), every day is Remembrance Day. On 1st August 2006, the family lost their hero, Corporal Matthew Cornish. A loving father and husband, Corporal Cornish was on his third tour of Iraq when he was struck by shrapnel from an enemy mortar and died. His children were just three years and 16 months old at the time.

“It’s the milestones you hit as you get older when you realise you still need that support”

Former Scotty member, Beth Wood, explains why Scotty’s Little Soldiers and its support network has been integral as she’s grown up

Beth Wood was just 15 years old when her dad, Staff Sergeant Glyn Hole, died in a car accident outside his barracks in Aldershot. At that moment, her life came crashing down.

Sergeant Hole died on 21st September 2010 and for Beth, this event changed her life completely.

Joining Scotty’s Little Soldiers in 2010 when she was 15 …

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