Scotty’s Little Soldiers Founder Nikki Scott’s original vision for the charity was to provide opportunities for bereaved Forces children to smile again. Since then she has realised that the children need more than this but…. Or since then she has realised that the charity has need to do much more than this but the Smiles Programme remains core to what we offer our beneficiaries.

Because these activities are available year after year it means we are able to build a trust and a long term relationship with the families we support. This makes it so much easier for them to reach out if they need additional help at any time.

Here are just some of the ways we do our best to #HelpTheirChildrenSmile.

Case Studies

“It’s like a comfort blanket around the children, with a group of people who have always got their back.”

Mum of Scotty members Molly, Emily, and Isabelle tells her story.

For mother of three, Sarah Ross, 1st July 2018 is one day she will never forget. The father of her three children, Sergeant Antony Reynolds, sadly took his own life. Their daughters, Molly, Emily, and Isabelle were just 14, seven and five years old at the time.

“Scotty’s Little Soldiers is more than just a group, it’s like a family”

Ten-year-old Scotty member, Austen Hargreaves, explains why Scotty’s is so important and how the charity has helped him, and his brother, create new happy memories after losing their dad

Ten-year-old, Austen Hargreaves, will never again get the opportunity to give his dad a hug, he’ll never get to kiss him goodnight or share good news. Austen and his brother Cooper, who is just six years old, lost their dad, Sergeant Chris Hargreaves, on 19th February 2017, they were just seven and three years old at the time.

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