Strides was created to assist our Scotty Members with their personal development and to make a successful transitions to adulthood. There are two main strands within the Programme, Education and Grants.

Strides has two main objectives:

  1. To give our Scotty Members an unfair advantage over their peers by providing access to first class work experience opportunities and mentoring.
  2. To provide financial assistance for development related activities ranging from education to sports.

Through Strides our Scotty Members can expect;

  • Support with school admissions and school transfers.
  • Contributing towards TAF (Team Around the Family) meetings and being part of an active support plan.
  • Writing and supporting ongoing PEP (Personal Education Plans), developed in conjunction with schools, families, and local authorities.
  • Providing up to date information, advice and guidance to families around financial support relating to education (SPP, PP, FSM).
  • Supporting with college and university applications.
  • Acting as an advocate to ensure schools are supporting our Scotty Members the best they can and providing examples of best practice for teachers.
  • Providing information and up to date guidance for schools and local authorities on how to best support a bereaved young person from a military family.
  • Completing referrals and providing support for more relevant or intensive services where required.

 Our Strides development grants:

  • The Scotty Allowance: a small grant available to every Scotty Member, every year, to contribute toward to cost of activities such as school trips, swimming lessons, sports clubs or music lessons and extracurricular activities.
  • Scotty’s Driving - School: for Members aged 17+ a small grant to cover the cost of driving lessons.
  • Scotty’s Higher Education Grant: Members can apply for a higher education grant of £1,000 to contribute toward the cost of going to University.
  • The Super Grant: a one-off grant available in emergency situations or once in a life opportunities.
  • Scotty’s New School Grant: A £50 contribution towards the cost of starting a new school.

Our 2021/22 pipeline for Strides;

  • Both virtual and physical workshops for young people covering topics such as exam stress, money management, coping with mental health, time management, and wellbeing.
  • Residential and outward-bound activities.
  • A social digital platform to engage directly with young people.
  • Empowering and training members to support other Scotty Members.
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