Scotty's Little Soldiers has launched a new podcast network - Scotty's Little Stories! We're been working away behind-the-scenes to create a new podcast series that will tell you everything you've always wanted to know about Scotty's. Listen to On A Mission now.

Learn the story of the charity on a mission. From the origins of a small-town charity to the growth and future of an organisation changing people's lives. Find out how we're helping to provide relief from the effects of bereavement to young people, who have experienced the death of a parent who serviced with the Armed Forces of the Crown. This is our story.

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On a Mission Ep. 5 - The Future

In this episode, discover what the future holds for this charity on a mission.

On a Mission Ep. 4 - Getting Involved

In this episode, learn about the Scotty’s supporter vision and how we aim to provide outstanding supporter experiences. As well as how we generate income to fuel the mission.

On a Mission Ep. 3 - Growth and Culture

In this episode, learn about how Scotty's unique culture enables a small team to achieve big things and fulfil their mission to support bereaved Forces children.

On a Mission Ep. 2 - Putting in the Work

In this episode, meet the Families Team as they break down the four key programmes that our beneficiaries receive, and the work we do to achieve the mission.

On a Mission Ep. 1 - Our Origin

In this episode, Scotty’s Little Soldiers founder, Nikki Scott, retells the story and legacy of Corporal Lee Michael Scott.

Scotty's Little Stories - Podcast Trailer

Learn the story of the charity on a mission. From the origins of a small town charity to the growth and future of an organisation changing peoples lives.

On The Scotty Couch Ep. 4 - Sally Orange

Sally served in the Armed Forces for 22 years as a physiotherapist and was medically discharged in 2019. Sally has completed over 50 marathons raising thousands of pounds for charity, including Scotty's Little Soldiers.

On The Scotty Couch Ep. 3 - Ben Tansley

This week, Recorded in July of 2019, Ben Tansley, who is known for overcoming adversity interviews our special guest and Scotty’s Little Soldiers Founder Nikki Scott. They discuss the 10 year anniversary of Corporal Lee Michael Scott’s death, and the message he left behind.

On The Scotty Couch Ep. 2 - Ben Garwood

Today's episode is hosted by Scotty's Sarah Woonton, with special guest, Ben Garwood, from HR4K, based in Hereford.

On The Scotty Couch Ep. 1 - Sgt Rick Clement

Hosted by Scotty's CEO, Stuart Robinson, our special guest is veteran, Sergeant Rick Clement, here to discuss his years of service in the British Military before his accident, and talk about taking part in the Scotty's Jump Day (27th July 2019).

Remember Them, Remember Us

This year, as we mark Remembrance day, join us for this special podcast episode to remember not only those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, but the families they have left behind.

Scotty's Annual Review 2020

Its time we submit our Annual Review for last year! We decided, in the continued effort to be open and transparent, we'll make a Supporter Annual Review just for you! Dive in to hear exactly how the charity forwarded it's mission in 2020.

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