“Children don’t come with a rule book, especially when it comes to explaining that a parent has died at such a young age”


Reservist Widow, Emma Harris-Coyne, struggled to find the words to tell her young children that their daddy had taken his own life. Emma explains how the death of a parent at such a young age has impacted her children and how they have benefited from the support of Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

“Knowing Scotty’s is there, even though I am 18, is comforting. They have always been there for me, they’ve made a big difference to my life.”


18-year-old, Steven Murphy, was just three years old when his dad, Lance Corporal Murphy took his own life. Here, Steven talks about the challenges he’s overcome and how support from Scotty’s Little Soldiers has provided him a lifeline.

"Daddy’s body doesn’t work anymore"


RAF Widow, Emma Hendrie, wanted to be honest with her son about how his daddy died, but explaining to a three-year-old that his daddy wouldn’t be returning home from hospital was the toughest thing she’s ever had to do. She explains here how the experience has impacted her son and how he has …

“It’s like a comfort blanket around the children, with a group of people who have always got their back.”


Mum of Scotty members Molly, Emily, and Isabelle tells her story. For mother of three, Sarah Ross, 1st July 2018 is one day she will never forget. The father of her three children, Sergeant Antony Reynolds, sadly took his own life. Their daughters, Molly, Emily, and Isabelle were just 14, seven and …

“It’s the milestones you hit as you get older when you realise you still need that support”


Former Scotty member, Beth Wood, explains why Scotty’s Little Soldiers and its support network has been integral as she’s grown up Beth Wood was just 15 years old when her dad, Staff Sergeant Glyn Hole, died in a car accident outside his barracks in Aldershot. At that moment, her life came crashing …

Mum’s anguish as her husband is killed in action just days before Christmas.


"He was so young, I didn’t know what to tell him, he was so excited about Christmas and I didn’t want to upset him.” For Royal Marines widow, Emylie Jennings, and her two young boys, Christopher and Oliver, Christmas is an emotional time of year. The family lost their hero, father and husband, …

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